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Easy Cheezy Broccoli Rice

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Time is flying! I cannot believe that it is already mid-October. It seems like just yesterday that all of us crammed into a van and made our way from Shanghai to Shenzhen. Usually at this time of year, I would already be breaking out the cold weather wardrobe and preparing for another freezing, gray winter. The only thing I am breaking out down south is sweat because it is H-A-W-T. We have an endless summer here and I absolutely love it. Pool time in October? Yes please. Comforting dishes that make it difficult for me to fit into my pool time wardrobe? Also yes please.

It’s funny that although on the outside my body is like, “Wooweee! It’s hot!!” On the inside, my body is like “Pumpkin spiced lattes (soy or almond of course) and casseroles. Neeeeeed.”

So, I wanted to create something that was:

1. EASY-Mama got a new job teaching 4 year olds and when she gets home, she is tired with a capital T.

2. HEALTHY-I wanted lots of fresh and healthy ingredients in one dish.

3. NO BAKE-I did not want to use my oven like I would have to for a casserole.

With the help of my rice cooker and some cool mixed grains I found at the local market, I was off to make a comfort food dish for the ages: cheezy broccoli rice!

The mixed grains I got from the market are technically for some sort of breakfast porridge, but I’m all about using ingredients in a completely unconventional way. The mixture has beans, oats, different kinds of rice, and even whole wheat grains. Because of the heartiness of the mixture, you will want to soak it for 45 minutes to one hour if possible. I made a mad dash for the kitchen when I came home and poured the mixture in the rice cooker pot and covered with water to get it started.

The cheeze sauce has the most steps, but they are all relatively easy. This recipe makes a lot, and you will want it. Each time I make this sauce I make twice as much as the time before in hopes I will have some left over to use the next day in other dishes. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS. The reason? My family likes to use it as a finger topping for an after dinner snack.


2 C rice mix

2.5 C purified water

1 vegetable bullion cube (optional, but I LOVE the intense flavor bullion cubes give to my rice!)

1 large potato

1 medium carrot

1/3 C refined coconut oil

1.5 tbs tapioca flour

2 tsp white miso paste

1 tsp onion powder

2 tbs nutritional yeast

1 medium head of broccoli, washed and rimmed into bite sized pieces


1. Soak rice mix in water for 45 minutes to one hour. After the time has passed, pour the soaking water out and replace with fresh water and add bullion cube. The water should be about 1 inch above the rice. Return to rice cooker and turn it on.

2. Peel and cut potato and carrot into small cubes. The smaller you cut the pieces, the faster they will cook. Bring a medium pot of water to a boil and add cubed carrot and potato. Boil for 10-15 minutes until tender. Remove from heat.

3. After the rice has been cooking for about 20 minutes, add the prepared broccoli on top of the rice in the rice cooker. This will steam cook the broccoli with no extra equipment. You want to aim for the broccoli to steam for 10 minutes so it’s bright green and not overcooked. The cooking times will vary a bit based on your rice cooker.

4. Using a slotted spoon, remove the carrot and potato from the pot and add to a high speed blender. Add coconut oil, tapioca flour, white miso paste, onion powder, and nutritional yeast. Blend on high speed until creamy and smooth. Set aside.

5. Once the rice and broccoli are done, transfer to a serving bowl and lightly mix. Pour cheezy sauce on top and serve immediately.

My little one proceeded to try and eat the cheezy sauce like soup and gave us a big “Yummy tummy, yummy tummy” as his seal of approval. All four family members inhaled it and proceeded to have cheeze fingers as an after meal snack.

He's very excited about cheezy rice!


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